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Let’s talk about simple tests using Go with testing package.

Let’s get a file simplemath.go by my gist:

Our test

With this file basic, go to our test.

Create test folder, and simplemath_test.go in this folder.

We will need of testing package.

Import testing

import (

And import the simplemath package.

Import simplemath package

import (

Remember of put in this file the first line the code: package simplemath.

Package simplemath in simplemath_test

package simplemath


Let’s test the Add() function.

Under the import of packets add the func.

Test Add() function

func TestAdd(t *testing.T) {
t.Log(“Called simplemath class and Add() method”)
c := simplemath.Add(5,8)
 if c != 13 {
t.Errorf(“Expected c of 13, but it was %d instead.”, c)

Running the test:

$ go test test/simplemath_test.go
ok command-line-arguments 0.013sRunning the verbose format:

Running the verbose format:

$ go test -v test/simplemath_test.go
=== RUN TestAdd
— — PASS: TestAdd (0.00s)
simplemath_test.go:9: Called simplemath class and Add() method
ok command-line-arguments 0.011s

News tests with Multiply() and Subtract()

The simplemath_test.go file completed this down with the other test functions

Thanks guys! To the next post!

Originally published at rrmartins.herokuapp.com on April 19, 2016.

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