Commuting Snooper

Dear Messrs,

We all knew that the bus and trains are all fully loaded. No, you don’t have to get your phone out of your pocket and start some rubbish chatting about that day. But, the problem is, I am short and stuck in between people way bigger than me, and the only thing I can do is trying to look up or left, even right, just to find out that everyone around me are mostly playing with their phones.

I would never think that a nice looking girl like you could have such nasty group name in Whatsapp or Line. I can second guess that you have a problem but not that big. I mean.. All those things about wealth and will and cheating. I knew where will you go next summer, half your itinerary is seen through. I know that you have that dating app in you phone hidden somewhere.

You probably wondered where the hell I knew all those stuffs? Well, I snooped around when you are busy focusing on your smartphone. You’re dumb enough to let people peeking by turning on your auto brightness. It’s as if it’s not enough that the government, advertisers, apps, and criminals can see your details from inside the phone. You also added me to the list only because I stood near you in the train or bus home. I could be a bad guy for all I know.

All of that just because you’re not deeming down your smartphone display. So, please #zerobrightnessinpublic