EU leaders, show some leadership and stand up to Trump NOW.

Donald Trump’s first decisions as president-elect show he means business. We cannot let our European leaders off the hook until Trump is sworn in. Donald Trumps cabinet & advisor picks already show he wants to carry out his divisive campaign promises. We cannot let our own leaders just sit & wait to see what’ll happen.

The men Trump has appointed to key positions in his administration are not just ‘controversial’, they have alarming resumes European leaders should express concerns about now. I am not asking them to meddle in American politics, I am asking them to ditch their ‘wait & see attitude’. Donald Trump’s actions are loud and clear today. It’s no longer “just words” or “a campaign device”.

We should demand from our leaders they take a stand. We should demand they admit that people with backgrounds of racism and divisiveness being appointed in the US government’s key positions, is worrysome. We should demand they honestly express concern about the wave of hate crimes against minorities in the US. We should demand they loudly express their horror at the denial of Climate Change.

We should expect true European leadership from them in defending human & civil rights, and fighting Climate Change -now- and once Trump is in office. We should demand they finally show the European Union can unite once more and fight for our values and future.

***Articles to support the claim “Donald Trumps cabinet & advisor picks already show he wants to carry out his divisive campaign promises.”***


Trump Turns to His Right Flank to Fill National Security Posts (New York Times)

“All three are regarded, in some ways, as outliers from conventional Republican thinking, shunned at times for strident statements, controversial positions or highly partisan moves.”


Is Steve Bannon Racist? Let’s Find Out! (

“It is easy to see why the KKK views Trump as their champion when Trump appoints one of the foremost peddlers of White Supremacist themes and rhetoric as his top aide. Bannon was ‘the main driver behind Breitbart becoming a white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill,’ according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

Steve ‘Turn On the Hate’ Bannon, in the White House (New York Times)

“Mr. Bannon is in some ways a perplexing figure: a far-right ideologue who made his millions investing in “Seinfeld”; a former Goldman Sachs banker who has reportedly called himself a “Leninist” with a goal “to destroy the state” and “bring everything crashing down.” He has also called progressive women “a bunch of dykes” and, in a 2014 email to one of his editors, wrote of the Republican leadership, “Let the grassroots turn on the hate because that’s the ONLY thing that will make them do their duty.”


Jeff Sessions’ Nomination as Attorney General Alarms Civil Libertarians (

“Sessions has been perhaps the most influential figure in shaping Trump’s sweeping immigration policy. The president-elect has promised to build a border wall, deport millions of undocumented immigrants, repeal a program that defers deportation of people who came to the United States as kids, and impose severe limits on the immigration of high-skilled workers. Sessions has championed all of these positions throughout his nearly 20 years in office.”

“He’s a climate change skeptic: Here’s Sessions in a 2015 hearing questioning Environmental Protection Agency’s Gina McCarthy: “Carbon pollution is CO2, and that’s really not a pollutant; that’s a plant food, and it doesn’t harm anybody except that it might include temperature increases.”