this will be the other home of rrrepeat. i will dare to say it will be the real home, its core.

but let me tell you what rrrepeat is, and then i explain what i meant.

rrrepeat is the womb for stories. where stories are told, shared and where they gain life. where connections are made. it’s the bonfire where people gather in deep, meaningful conversations.

this will be its roots, its heart, its foundation or whatever you want to call it because it will show the essence of the stories. their background. the stories behind the stories. the stories that happened through those stories, because of those stories.

rrrepeat will have no ego. this one will be full of it. me, me, me-stories. me-memories, me-thoughts. me-journals. me-gets it. i mean, you. you get it!

the ego is not that bad, if you think about it. but that’s a subject for another post.

let me tell you rrrepeat’s story. it’s hard to find a beginning, but i’ll try: i always felt like the black sheep, an outsider. my dreams, my goals, my own personality (infp-t here) didn’t fit on society’s mission for myself.

i should study for a stable and high paying job. i should find a partner with an equally stable and high paying job. we should marry. have kids. put them to school so we won’t see them for most of our days. and then, we could die, happily ever after.

i didn’t do any of that. or not in that order. i certainly didn’t die yet.

i always loved to write. always. i remember writing poems from a very young age. i remember devouring books, spending most of my daytime and night-time reading and writing and writing and reading. listening to some music too and getting inspired by nature.

how i know i am good at writing? i won prizes, people reached me to write for them, people applauded me and my work.

it’s only natural that i followed communications at university (after years trying to fit, and going to health-related courses. and failing on all of them, of course). it’s only natural that it has been hard to find a job after that. not because there aren’t many jobs available, but because i don’t really wanted to work 9 to 5. or to have someone telling me what to do. i am a rebel, not even myself can tell me what to do. i won’t do it. or respecting some stupid hierarchy.

i have passions. and i have skills. but never had the motivation to put them to use for someone else.

after some successful, half-successful and highly f*cked-up jobs, i decided it was time to be my own boss. even if i don’t have a lot of experience, or don’t know a lot about many things or of just one thing.

i knew i was brave enough to try. i know i was curious enough to find a way. i needed to find out if i believed myself enough to keep trying, even when i didn’t get results. or everyone else was telling me to find a paying job instead. any job. i am stubborn, that i am. and it helps a lot.

first, i tried to make people happy. but i realised the ones that read my blog, were the ones that were already trying to change. they would find their way by themselves. the others, that really needed to change perspectives, weren’t ready to listen to me. they never would. people only change when they want to.

so, i asked myself what my biggest dream was. i answered promptly: travelling in an rv, talking to people, connecting to people, knowing their stories and sharing them with other people.

well, right now, i can’t buy an rv or travel the world for that purpose. but if maomé doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain can go to maomé, right? right.

so, i’m doing that. there are people in portugal. and in porto. i can start from here. there are even tourists all time of the year. and a couch-surfing community. there are a lot of stories going by around me (like i am the center of the universe of stories haha).

there are other people that travel and have stories of their own and listen to stories and that can tell me about them. i can use that too.

there are social media. and medium! i can always ask you to share your story with me. would you be interested in that? ;)

i have a million projects in my mind, and don’t know for sure in which i’ll put my attention to. i want to put travelling notebooks out there, giving you an offline outlet to share your dreams, your fears, your doubts. your poems, your art, your heart. i want to create little books with little stories and place them everywhere. i want to create weekly or monthly meetings, online and offline. really join people together by a bonfire, or skype, or any other place that let us talk with each other and share experiences, and laugh in real-time.

i can’t predict the future. but together we can build it. for now it’s just a dream, my dream. but it can be a reality, if you share that dream. john lennon said it, not me: a dream you dream alone is only a dream. a dream you dream together is reality.

if you enjoyed my story, if you have the same dream, if you think the world would benefit from this: please share the dream. and don’t forget to visit rrrepeat’s other home to read not-me-stories. be magic, my friend.

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