cloud based POS solution

Tablet POS Software for an Efficient Restaurateur

When you wish to enjoy a special dish in a restaurant, you just walk in and place the order. Within a little while it’s placed before you. But have you ever thought of the process that would have gone behind completing your order. Ask a restaurateur and he would explain the whole challenge of running and managing a restaurant successfully. He has to look after the finances, supply, employees and also provide the best dining experience to his customers. To help all such multitasking restaurant and café owners, Smart Touch POS brings cloud based POS solution that can make their life much easier and more efficient. Let us have a look at how POS software for café has an advantage over the traditional way of managing the orders.

Easy and detailed user experience: The POS software is primarily consumer based software. It is designed to make it a lot easier for your customers to place their orders. Adopting the tablet POS software in your restaurant or café will help you to provide your customers a top notch experience. According to what you are offering, you can set up the menu. You get the option to categorize your dishes, search them according to name or code, customers can modify the dishes if they wish to and they can access the menu in various languages.

Better coordination among the restaurant staff: Traditionally a waiter would take the order, a chef would cook, a manager would bill the item and so on. In this complicated process there is room for human error. With the help of cloud based POS solution you can completely eliminate any such kind of error. Once the order is placed by the customer, the chef can access the order and work accordingly. The communication is absolutely clear even when there are several orders to complete. This way your café can efficiently work during rush hours.

Instant access of data: The POS software for café is designed to keep the restaurant staff connected. Anyone can access the data from any of the tablets in the network and carry on the order. In times of need several orders can be taken on the same device and it can also be transferred to another waiter. As the software efficiently manages the data, you will not experience any delay or gap in the operations.

Runs even when the internet is disrupted: This tablet POS software works well even when your restaurant or café experience any kind of disruption in the internet connectivity. The orders and billing will continue smoothly and thus the activities in the restaurant will not be affected. This kind of software uplifts the customer service in your café and adds a great deal to your reputation.

Data backup in offline mode: The POS software by is well supported and all the data will be updated to your back office when your internet connectivity is restored. The software has several other features that will make your working process a lot easier and hassle free. You can subscribe for the free 2 week trial and access all the features of the software.

Give it a try and see the difference in your performance. Let your restaurant operate in a modern and customer friendly way with this efficient POS software.