Last Month Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced

Rahul Sharma
Jan 18, 2018 · 3 min read

So JEE Advanced is fast approaching and IIT Kanpur is all set to conduct it on 20th May 2018

How are you feeling as the D-day is coming closer? Well! some of the students must be busy and some might be nervous in making strategies to clear JEE Advanced, Right?

Maybe you all are well prepared for the exam but still you can’t get satisfaction in these few months.

As the competition is going stiff, the online exam pattern is extremely critical for maintaining the complexity of the questions. Many students from rural background may be thinking about the paper attempting strategy due to lack of computer knowledge. So, it’s very important for students not only from rural background but for all the JEE Participants to train themselves in Online tests.

This was a single point of view on JEE preparation, likewise many of you might be getting confused about the last month strategy to prepare for JEE Advanced. To quench your thirst, some important points are discussed below in short and simple ways from which you can plan your preparations accordingly. Please go on one by one.

Ø Forget about all the excitements and stress of JEE Main Results and make a fixed schedule and start your preparations for JEE Advanced. You must only have to think that the 20th May is your day and how you could perform better on that day.

Ø Stay relaxed and focused! Try to avoid getting nervous, you could easily win the race if you are confident.

Ø It’s very essential to Eat Healthy and to stay away from anxiety as it could harm a very good student as well. Do not avoid take enough sleep at night, you must take at least 6–8 hrs. sound sleep before JEE Advanced exam each day.

Ø Do not make silly mistakes in calculations while attempting question You can start with your favorite subject first and then go through the toughest. Do not run after the quantity of questions, you must only attempt the questions you are sure in because negative marking could make you a huge loss.

Ø As discussed earlier, JEE Advanced is going to be online so, you must practice online mock test each day for a month so that you could maintain your speed, strategy, and temperament. At least, you would not loss a single mark due to silly mistake.

Ø Instead of working on the huge syllabus, student must work on the key topics. It is advised that you should not follow the new books and study material while preparing as it could elongate the exercise for you. Students need constant revision while preparing for the exam.

Ø Do not forget to carry JEE Advanced Admit Card and essential stationary while going to the examination center. You must take proper diet before exam and keep drinking water in small amount to maintain hydration.

Ø Learn from the mistakes you made in JEE Main. It’s very essential to learn from the mistakes and never repeat them again in future. It’s very essential to realize the Importance of 1 mark in JEE Advanced.

Ø As the exam gets nearer, many aspirants discontinuation with teachers and institutes. You must not avoid discussing and asking doubts from your mentor and peers as this could help you to overcome the weakness and retain self-confidence.

How you feel after going through the given article, does this helped you? These were some basic but most important points you should follow to make your exam fascinating, so you could perform well and get your dream college.

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