Me PM? But why?

About Me

I am a product enthusiast trying to explore the field of product management. It’s been close to two years since I stepped into the IT world and have been working as a software developer in a Fintech product-based company since then.

Why do I want to transition?

Being at an early stage in my career I was still trying to figure out in which direction I want to shape my career. With time I realized that I didn’t want to restrict myself just to the development part but wanted to explore other components of product building as well.

How I stumbled onto product management?

I remember I was in my internship days when I first heard about this cool and fancy term “product management”. But it was just another profile for me until some six months back. I was randomly scrolling youtube when it recommended me a video by a product manager on the nuances of product management. That’s how I kind of stumbled on product management. It was then that I realized what being a product manager really is. It triggered a sense of interest in me and I started dwelling on it by watching more videos and reading articles on the subject. With time I started feeling that this thing really interests me and I should definitely give it a shot.

Why Product Management as a career?



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Rishabh Srivastava

Rishabh Srivastava

Product Enthusiast, currently working as a Software Developer.