Don’t Get Afraid

We all did something, and in that we got failed. Now time to time we are getting reminded about that failure. We are getting attacked from both outside and even from inside.

“You can’t do that, do you remember you FAILED”

It is not that how to fight the outside world. The problem which is there inside, how to handle that? Because if you can face that than what is the problem in facing the ‘WORLD’!.

So, the moment you say to your inside that there is no problem, the effect of that failure just STOPS!

That person’s life in which there were many failures and if he had learned from them than he is one of the most intelligent.

“Wisdom Is Directly Proportional To Your Failures and Setbacks”

So, accept all the failures that occurred in your life and say “I Failed”, and try to learn from those failures.

What will happen by learning?

You will start getting matured, you will start getting stronger from inside. Both the things will only happen when you will learn. Then, you will also have patience. Do you think patience is small? With patience you can do anything in your life. so if you have patience then take decisions slowly and patiently.

If you CRY, then cry openly!

If you LIVE, then live openly!

Express JOY to the fullest!

Life is a game! But you are serious in this game so what happens you can never take right decisions and mostly your decisions will be wrong.

See Life as a Game!

Then, you will become an artist. You will become a better player of life, and then for you life will be just a game. If you understand all this then what is the thing that you lost.

Every time you fail, then start from 0, then fail, then start from 0, then fail then start from 0, then you will do it better, better and better. And then what happens your level start becoming better.

We call this WORLD, We call this UNIVERSE. This is all just fun for you!

Very less people will be found who are active in every second of their life. Things they want to do they will do openly. Things that no one can think they can think.


Because for them life is just a game!