4 Cool Fashion Trends for Men to Stay Stylish in the Summer Heat

Soumya Singh
Jun 17 · 4 min read

Summer is not all that disastrous for fashion as many people perceive it to be. You don’t have to wear layers of clothing unnecessarily to look stylish and yet come out as a breezy cool suave trendy man with a barely minimalistic outfit. The things we see as ease of dressing fashionably and to style our outfit is just all in our mind and what we make of it, nothing else goes by any set of the rule as far as the world of glamour and fashion is concerned. So better not be judgemental about summer in this mindset and explore the opportunities are there to take.

The basic thing which one must not forget when choosing an attire is the comfort it offers. The warm and humid conditions of the arid region such as UAE give no respite if we don’t take our comfort into consideration. The uncompromising nature is required in choosing the right colour hues and the kind of fabric for the summer season. Dark colour can be a serious problem for someone living in the high temperatures and one must incorporate lighter colours for the sake of the comfort of a non-heat absorbing fabric. Similarly, the fabric should be rather soft and wick away moisture to help your body cope with the temperatures. After these two points are checked, the rest lies solely upon one’s individual approach to styling and dressing. You can find a large array of summer clothings these days and if you have not stacked enough, you can fetch the best online fashion deals with the Farfetch Coupon Code and ensure to fill your wardrobe with plenty of summer clothes for styling yourself this summer. Here are 4 Summer Style Trends for Men to get the Fashion without feeling the heat;

Cropped — Trousers

The trousers that have been fairly popular trends for this summer is the one crafted from linen and blended with cotton for a gentle interior finish. These slim fit trousers are most noticeable for their cropped bottom which essentially makes it a very convenient option for the summer. It is at least something cleverer and smarter than those ripped denims which in my personal opinion, is anything but smart or stylish. Such cropped trousers even go well with the T-shirts unlike the simple ones. So cut the crap out of your trouser or buy new ones with the Sprii Coupon Code to avail best offers on top brands to get going this summer season.

Floral — Formals

To be honest, Formal suits are not amongst the most comfortable options for summer but as it goes by the norm, certain places leave no choice for us to decide. It might be tricky but the fact is that you can flaunt the floral shirts with the suits in a rather refreshing combination. This fresh approach does actually help to cope formal suits in a more convenient casual manner without looking awkward at all. The trick here is finding the right balance between the flashy floral colours and the sober suit. So better make it evenly matched by using checked suits with a cuban shirt.

Going Suede

One of the better informal dressing options on a more calmer and cooler evening, the suede jacket can be a very great option for this season. It is sure been a trend that was rather unexpected but you never know how the mood of people changes overnight but in this case, it surely has. The camel color or the sand color suede jacket is something that will look really good even if unzipped and it would not wet your inner layer from sweating.

Interestingly Pale

One of the best options that summer presents before all the fashion savvy people of the world is the use of pale colours. The pale colours might have a negative interpretation in general usage, but the world of fashion is beyond such stereotypes. In fact, the pale colour clothes are one of the better ways to keep your little one comfortable during summers. The paler colors are very much accustomed as being the colour for the summer season and nowadays even the most popular clothing brands and designers tend to use the colour in a number of slight variation in combinations to get a distinctive overall effect on dressing. You can grab the online discount offers in the summer with the Letstango Coupon Code, so don’t worry about shopping when you can save big chunks of your shopping bills with ease.