Debunking Myth, ‘Piles Is A Disease For Senior Citizens’

The rectal illness such as piles can onset at any individual, due to the misconception of piles as an illness of elders only, makes unnecessary delays in the same.

piles is an illness of rectal wall that is quite common among people. Needless to say, it often requires colorectal surgery to fix it. However, the necessity of the surgery becomes prevalent only after the conditions worsened over a period of time. This occurs mostly due to the falsified belief that piles is an illness of older people and often ignores and overlook the first signs of the same.

Let’s understand this myth and the truth behind it.

Most of the colorectal illness are associated with aging and a large population of youth remains unaware of the fact that they might become a victim to colorectal or anorectal illness as well. Thus, when the first sign of any piles or other rectal illnesses such as fistula surface, they overlook it altogether.

What damage it cause

when people realize that the symptoms and discomfort are not going away on it own or through random over-the-counter drugs, they look for a professional opinion. By that time, sadly, the disease worsens due to delay in medication. Thus treating the same through topical ointments and oral pills do not remain a very viable option. Thus a large number of patients need colorectal surgery to heal completely.

Many a time, it is said that elderly individual suffers an on form rectal illnesses and need a lot of time to recover completely. Is it not true then?

statistically, a rather large number of senior citizen do suffer from piles and other rectal illness. Moreover, they need extra time to get complete cure of the same as well. This happens due to the fact that at later stages of life, the body begins to degenerate and the rectal walls become weak as well.

Awareness is the key that would solve the problem in a long run. Young generation should be aware of the fact that piles can be a possibility even at an early age. This way, they can seek out for medical treatment at the early stages itself, which will make the treatment process much quick and effective.

In a nutshell, it stands that any individual of any age can get infected with piles. Even though the chance for the same remains high for elderly people, one should not dismiss the possibility of piles simply, based on the age. Whatever may be the case, the individuals are recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.