Amazingly as I got older I discovered people in general would rather die
Lyndon Leining

This is completely false. Hillary Clinton will destroy our economy and alongside it our nation. She wishes to add to the government’s massive power and add to executive power. What she wants to do is unconstitutional and completely appalls many people. The fact that she will not be charged in her email case is ludicrous. Trump is almost as bad as she is. We need to reduce government and allow the free market to make choices, not grossly misinformed people, easily swayed by corrupt politicians’ propaganda. If we are given real choices such as should we go to war opposed to how we should combat an enemy force, we would be much better off. Also, on the whole gun control/reform idea, we were given the 2nd ammendment to overthrow a radical government or one that becomes oppressive and tyrannical, and we’ve just about reached that point. If you disagree with any of this (which I’m sure you will), explain your beliefs on why you support bigger government and I’ll try to explain why I don’t, besides the reasons I’ve already mentioned.

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