The Case For Expanding The College Football Playoff
Brian Rauf

Good, we need more than 4.
No the CFP 4 did not give the Group of Five teams any hope, just Power 5.

Equality must precede a Fair chance for Teams and Conferences.
We know Equality = Equal Money.

24 is too many, 16 is perfect.
The Regular Season must be how the teams not good enough that year to win the Championship are eliminated. No byes in the Playoff just 4 wins in a row.
10 Conferences of 9 teams all with winning records over the last 8 years and the highest wins over the last 19 seasons.
10 Champions and 6 second place teams with the most wins = 16.

Yes save the Bowls but keep the Big 5 Bowls with their traditional Champions playing each other. Cut the Bowls down to max 27 including 7 Bowls in the last 3 rounds of the National Championship Playoff.

Radical change yes so go all the way and build the 10 Conferences on the Power 5 Divisions, Big XII and a New Conference in the East.

Basketball aint Football. D1 BB 351 teams w 68 teams in playoff, but only the top 12 ever win the Championship.

A new Major College Football Division with 90 teams means 16 team playoff.

Google the Perfect Playoff Plan 16

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