Android MVP: Keeping Presenters Alive
Craig Russell

I just want to say all this MVP hype is overrated.

It’s a pseudo art which accomplishes these things:

  • enlarge code base with even more boiler plate that is hard to follow
  • fail even more as most people will forget about keeping presenters alive, keeping presenters from accesing views in non UI-threads, and so on
  • keep managers happy in expensive places like US, Western Europe, and such. Developers work 90% of the time on writing testcases, unittests, mocking stuff, unmocking stuff, cicd, and so on for EVERYTHING. Maintaining and developing all this scaffolding is immense work. And the real reason is not easier regression, TDD for the sake of unbreakable code, and so on. It’s so that they can hire less people, especially in QA. So instead, you have a developer working 3 times as much.

That’s my take on it, and I call bullshit when I see it.

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