Habits to increase your health and happiness

Exercise Daily, Eat Healthy, Work Hard, Stay Strong.

Building new Habits or changing old ones, can make a difference.

1. Doing uncomfortable things

Everyone knows that feeling, sweaty palms, increased heartbeat and lots of excuses why you shouldn’t do it. 
Situations like staying in front of the class, holding a speech or just being afraid of what people think when you do something, holding us back to do what we want. 
Exactly that’s why we should do it.
We have to train being comfortable doing uncomfortable things.
It will be tough for some people, at least in the beginning. Doing Comfort Zone Challenges can bring you to your limits. 
Try to start with small challenges like taking an ice cold shower and build on that. 
You need to figure out your fears and execute on them.

2. Be Present

I suggest books from Osho on that one.

You can practice being present while walking, breathing, eating or whatever. Just try to do one thing, the thing you do right now. 
If you having dinner, just focus on eating, don’t watch TV or reading a book. 
Your life is right now, you are building your future right now.

Be Present

3. Just Smile

That’s my favorite one. 
Next time you are walking outside, driving to school or work, watch the people around you. 
How many of them are smiling? 
How many looking unhappy? 
A smile can make you and the people around you happier. 
While smiling you release feel-good endorphins, the brain gets messages that you are happy and you will feel happy.

Smile and the world smile with you.

4. Working Out

I know you are sick of hearing it, but working out is really important. Health is really important.
Health means vitality, livability, and energy.
Health has a huge impact on how motivated, charismatic and attractive you are.

Some main rules for your success in fitness:

- You have to enjoy your workout plan, do things you like.
- You have to change your lifestyle, eat healthier and be more
present while eating.
- motivate yourself through music, videos or blogs
- track your progress with a notebook or apps
- Start now!

I’ve done it myself.
A few years ago at the age of 17, I weighed 220 pounds. After changing my lifestyle, eating healthy I lost 55 pounds. Now I’m more energized, motivated and most important much happier than ever in my entire life.
Now I’m working as a Trainer.

In a healthy body lives a healthy mind.

5. Drink enough

I don’t mean alcohol, coffee or soda. Drink enough water or tea, at least 2 liters a day. 
Stay hydrated so you can concentrate better.

6. Read

You have to read. 
Books or Blogs about personal development, businesses, health, programming, whatever but read. 
You will get more open-minded and creative.

“Be — don’t try to become” 
― Osho

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