Joe Joe Day #1 (2)

After a rainfall, the fenced-in mud pit behind the house
the ultimate Friday night.
Mud pies filled our mouths,
the first thing to break my heart,
it wasn’t really chocolate.

Playing dress-up was only a game.
Our cheeks were brand ambassadors to the pinch.
Bugs- our friends.
Joe Joe Day, he existed-
and only to us
a sensational concept.
ABC 123, Dr Seuss, tuck me in.

Wondrus youth, I’ve lost you
somewhere in this madness of adulthood.
I miss you
wide-eyed innocence, apathy, silliness.
Girls rule, boys drool-the only truth we knew.

Unlimited tokens of imagination,
only just a matter of time until they are all spent.
I’m in debt.

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