I suspect they will find the widespread record of dissent and nearly unanimous local opposition to…
Mike Lee

These are federal lands, and we’re talking about national monuments. We should be reviewing how our federal public lands—that are owned by all of the American people, not just Utahns—add to the national interest, not restricting it to just how a few thousand locals view it.

All Americans pay taxes for those public lands, but Senator Lee, Trump, and others would rather focus on the opinions of a few thousand residents in Utah and totally ignore the opinions of the remaining 320 million Americans. Talk about Taxation Without Representation!

We wouldn’t let DC residents alone to decide whether or not to tear down the Lincoln Memorial, nor would we allow Bronx residents remove the Statue of Liberty. Those places—just like Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante—are American treasures and part of our national heritage. One small group should not be able to destroy them for the rest of America, especially when we all pay taxes to support those places.

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