Why Should You Add Low Salt Butter In Your Diet?

Milk is an essential source of nutrient. Adequate consumption of milk and other dairy products makes bone stronger and protect them against any sort of diseases. Dairy products are rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and protein. It is vital for growth of your body and development of your health. Skimmed milk and low salt butter are better for health.Low salt butter is also known as sweet butter. It is made up of pasteurized milk which is effective for weight loss and to maintain a healthy weight. It is made by churning milk or from fermented milk. Butter made up of skimmed milk consists of low salt and fat content and reduces the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and certain types of diseases.

It is very important for diet conscious people to consume good nutrition food that can help in maintaining a healthy weight thereby reducing a risk to chronic diseases and promoting the overall health condition. Ananda offers the best butter in India ensuring traditional taste and texture remains intact in products. The creamier texture of the butter is maintained so that it can spread easily on bread and other types of food.It enhances the taste of the food

Ananda produces pasteurised butter in totally hygienic conditions keeping the taste and texture intact. Ananda’s low salt butter is great for everyday use and highly demanded by people. This low in calories, fat and cholesterol help in making yourself physically fit. A sodium diet is important for people who have heart failure symptoms and help in preventing such problems in future.You can store low salt butter for a month in the freezer.

Ananda’s best butter in India is much creamier than any other available products. They are manufactured with a secret recipe so that it spreads easily on the food. In order to make the butter healthier, Ananda manufacturers produce low salt content in our butter. In addition, Ananda also offers a range of products including yoghurt, ghee, flavoured milk, royal rabri, paneer, buttermilk, sweets, cookies, water, milk power, etc., and follow all international manufacturing standards. Ananda dairy group also blends traditional taste with modern.

For happy and healthy life, choose Ananda’s low salt butter and add it to your regular diet. The freshness and pureness of the dairy products confirm that they are processed daily. Ananda supplies an array of highly recognized dairy products across Indian markets.