5 Hard Truths of Life

I found myself stuck in what felt like my own personal hell. Not only once or twice, but seemingly an ongoing storm of bad things in my life, death, tragedy, trauma, depression, and everything in between. Here are my musings on what I’ve gathered in an unofficial life guidebook.


We will always be the same people, with the same problems… no matter where we go.


Life doesn’t play us all the same card. Some people will live with relative ease. Others will struggle the entirety.


Fulfillment may be an everlasting chase; and what fulfills you at one point won’t necessarily work forever.


Some bad things happen without meaning or justice attached whatsoever. That might hurt to acknowledge. It might not.


Our lives are canvases that we paint with every heart beat. No matter how much distaste we have for our past strokes, we cannot undo it. The finished product will be what we made it into.



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Rachael Rogers

I enjoy writing about mental health, philosophical musings, poetry, and a variety of other things.