Interning at Salesforce: 10 reasons why Salesforce is a model company

  1. Your work is meaningful and valued
    The stigma that interns don’t provide value is not the case at Salesforce. From day 1, you are encouraged to participate in team meetings, ask questions, and share your thoughts and insight. Depending on your role, you will get to touch production code, add features and functionality, test, and deploy your code to production.
  2. 1–1–1 Model
    Although Salesforce is a publicly traded company and maximizing revenue matters, Salesforce continues to pledge 1% of its equity, product, and employee hours every year. This pledge in total has provided more than $240,000,000 in grants, it has helped over 40,000 nonprofit organizations, and it provided over 3.8 million worker volunteer hours. If working at a company that cares about the world we all live in matters to you, Salesforce is the model company.
  3. The Culture
    Salesforce is a people first organization. Your manager will care for your personal growth. To ensure your growth and success within the company, you will be assigned a mentor from day one who will help guide you to a successful internship and career.
  4. Executive Speaker Series
    Every week we get the luxury of listening to the stories of a Salesforce executive. Although the talks were all virtual this summer, we still got the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice from extremely successful and knowledgeable people.
  5. Employee Wellness
    Salesforce cares about its employees’ mental health. Every month, each employee is given a $100 allowance to spend on anything that will help your body and mind recover due to the stresses of life. In addition, teams are given wellness days to further enjoy life outside of work.
  6. V2MOM
    Everyone at Salesforce defines their V2MOM in their first week to help define a clear set of goals. The V2MOM is an ever changing document and is a great tool to help stay focused and productive. The document is fairly brief, and it helps define your Vision, Values, Methods to fulfill your vision, Obstacles that you might face, and Measures that will define your success.
  7. Volunteer Time Off (VTO)
    This one was a shocker to me, but each intern is allowed to take up to 56 hours of paid time off to volunteer at any non-profit organization they desire. Although VTO was hard to come across during this pandemic, Salesforce does provide you with virtual opportunities.
  8. Free food!
    As interns, we’re spoiled. Salesforce provides us with free food every time we participate in a training and attend an executive speaker series session.
  9. Fun events!
    Although we all spent the summer working from home, the fun never stopped. From painting classes to virtual escape rooms, our weeks were constantly filled with at least one fun event.
  10. The Futureforce team rocks!
    The people running the intern program are all excellent individuals who strive to ensure we’re all successful in our roles. They’re always available when you need them and they’re always thinking of new ways for us to network within the organization.
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