Week 1 — Final Fantasy XV

For the first week of this class, I was playing a beautiful game from a solid franchise by the name of Final Fantasy, specifically the 15th game of the franchise. The game design is truly great as expected of Square Enix. The game is truly fun with a very powerful story telling. The emotional response you receive from the story, like how the main character by the name of Noctis feels when he learns about his fathers death. This game is different from most Square Enix games where the rules don’t truly exist. Unlike other Final Fantasy games this game is completely open world with an open combat system, which is what adds to the solid art direction this game was foretelling. I truly enjoyed the mechanics of using a vorpal blade, which is only in this Final Fantasy game where with a press of a button you throw your weapon and warp there, sometimes you can warp to hit other times you can warp to travel distances. This game is tremendously fun just due to its powerful story telling.

Of course not every game is flawless, this game also has a few flaws that I found to be either aggravating or somewhat useless. I truly hated driving in this game, you drive for approximately 1 to 2 miles, and it feels like real actual driving. Conceptually this idea is great if you enjoy looking at a games’ scenery. I myself am more of a story fan, I truly don’t care much about the visual aesthetic as much as the narrative. Another thing that was somewhat lacking was the use of magic and special powers or abilities. In most Final Fantasy games there usually some sort of magic skill that is learned throughout level ups, this may be the first Final Fantasy game that has nothing of the like, you are able to create spells but you never learn any spell through level ups. As of now I have played approximately 10 hours of this game and have gotten to level 23, so it is not that my level is too low. I don’t find that this is a big issue but not having some sort of cool magic or even a support like magic like heal can be lacking. I have had to find inns or camp sites to heal up or use up my potions that I save up for dungeons.

If I had the chance of changing the game, I would definitely take out the driving aspect. I know many people would enjoy it thoroughly so I would keep it as a choice in the options menu, to either fast travel everywhere or to actually show the driving motion to some location. I tried to “break” the game, but I ended up “breaking” my computer instead. I tried to break the games limits but I ended up breaking my PC limits instead. I couldn’t find any sorts of bugs or glitches, but on some cases during story driven areas where your team is driving, if you exit out of the game (hoping that you saved of course) you are able to come back to the location except instead of driving you are able to fast travel.

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