On The Geometry
Steve A. Gillispie II

1. It isn’t that we must acknowledge a less vanishing calculus.

. a. The event of shape solves the idea of itself as with the example of parallel lines.

. b. The visual point persists through a mathematic schema of their maintained separation.

. c. Geometry is metaphysics thought of as arithmetic.

. d. Vision is stronger than mind.

. e. The first shape comes at the speed of light. The second shape does not.

. f. Existence is a divination of principles through a biologic cubism or an entropic eternity.

  • Eternity is the extradition of being (a void or haste) which impinges upon an origin thereby discharging reality.
  • After enough time there was enough time (a biorhythm or haste).

. g. The length it takes an object to age is proportional to the length it takes to see said age.

. h. The shape of an object is eternal or broken.

. i. It is the shape and never the color that brakes.

. j. A crayon is used until there is color and no crayon.

. k. Food coloring becomes gone.

. l. To eat accords nihilism — the Eurydix — a creation of waste.

. m. Teeth are shaped and dental records can identify a person. That pattern is an identity and is otherwise flawless.

. n. Muscular systems are the entropic product of gravity. Gravity is chaotic perception to be understood medically.

. o. The perpendicular aspect of two knives meeting on a mirrored plane is a seque into geometric psychology. I don’t know why an angle is not a curve.

. p. A rainbow is the optical culmination of the four elements: earth, fire, air and water. Earth because when viewed in the air a circle and not a semi-circle is seen. The rest should not require my explanation.

. q. Fire is subject to a vanishing point. Presumably, in space, the sphereoid of the sun is too and not an unthinkable diamond.

. r. Night is seen. Close your eyes.

. s.

. t.

. u.

. v.

. w.

. X

. y.

. z.

The Andromeda galaxy is two and a half million light years from me. Since the sun can move or be moved there as evidenced in the stars seen here, earth is the center of realm. Politics, like extinction, are an emmenation of physics. Stop with what is the feasible dismount or retrograde of Zoas to solve the regressive flaw of “forms.” We may not need the sun as more than a converted moon or starship made not by our electronic circumstance in mechanical exclusivity but their revelation of Monads that unlock a portion of its surrounding continuum. This will allow us to move, manipulate, separate and share its shape(s). All waves will similarly be under our contortion. There is no energy. Echoes of concentrated circumstance fade. A hole is seen when it is faced, reflected or in something transparent. I do not know why something 3-D is not something 2-D.

There is a technology that can. Paper is a three dimensional representation of two dimensions and because it has three it can or “is able to” show three. You can feel its third in the edge of a sheet even if you are not necessarily able to view by its thinness. You can not get a paper cut on its surface which is smooth no matter how skilled an artist you are. This is exactly what counting is. Can we avoid that? Anyone can organize any amount of money by image or express a tower and another with another. Who in their right mind would put a dime between two quarters unless they were an architect. A tower is only as tall as a tower can soundly be and be made equal to the next without arithmetic which is the only thing that prevents the central dime from being worth less than three quarters. Value is not the surprise of seeing a one after three fives. It is not suspenseful. A building is worth its absolute geometric equivalent. It is successful.