Nickel-and-dime socialism
Matt Bruenig

Just to be clear, you are not planning on outlawing private ownership of land, stocks, or bonds. You just want the government to

  1. tax the private sector and use the proceeds to purchase stocks
  2. sell bonds to the private sector and use the proceeds to purchase stocks.

In which case:

  1. how big do you want this fund to be, as a percentage of all assets? If the goal is to own 100% of certain asset classes, can you specify which assets?
  2. How would the existence of such a fund improve people’s lives over and above selling bonds and/or raising taxes and providing government services and/or cash to households directly?

If I am misunderstanding, and the goal is eventually to ban private ownership of capital and have 100% be in the sovereign wealth fund, can you fill in how that last step is planned?

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