Design Sprint — A Simple Explanation

Many people don’t know what a design sprint is. Outside of the design world, it just flies over most people’s heads.

Here’s a quick write-up on how to explain the design sprint process in simple terms.

  1. It’s a process that brings together a lot of people at work to solve a problem, work out an idea, or explore something risky that might have a huge payoff.
  2. It takes something that normally requires a lot of time to make, and gets it done faster. If it normally takes three months, it might only need a week with a design sprint.
  3. It’s highly customizable. You can change the amount of time you spend, the activities you do, the people you get involved, or the work you’ll get from the process. You can explore branding, strategy, research, product development, growth, process and/or new tech ideas with a design sprint.
  4. Most importantly, it gets everyone on the same page about what they’re doing and why.

Many companies and their staff are plagued with a lack of alignment, shared understanding of project objectives and the inability for anyone in authority to make a decision. It’s a huge waste of energy, time and money.

A design sprint brings everyone together for a shared directive, fostering a sense of camaraderie and purpose with team members. If properly structured and planned, this process can have an amazing effect of instilling empathy with those from other disciplines.

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How would you explain the design sprint process to someone who’s never heard about it before?

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