Developing Clarity
Radu Mazilu

Yes. I agree 100%. There is another level to this though.

Even when we do manage to get totally focused on a goal we often lose the energy to continue once the initial wave of enthusiasm fades. You touch on this in your article but I think it plays a much larger roll in the overall likelihood of success ever occurring.

Writing down goals and then looking at the written words periodically or even daily does not produce the fire and determination required to make a big splash in life.

One must feed the early fires of determination fuel all day, every day. It’s like feeding your body. The “why” as you mention, is the reason we get elevated to achieve a goal in the first place. That why will propel us and keep us at the same level of motivation and determination as day one if we nourish it constantly. I suggest feeding our motivation at each meal along with food. We stop our day to eat so we should carve out five minutes of each meal time to feed our motivation. This can be done any time and anywhere with a smartphone or tablet or at a desk with a PC. I suggest to look at images of the things that equal success to an individual and really focus on exactly how it would feel at the exact moment of achieving your goals that allow you the ability to acquire the things in life you desire. If it’s a new Porsche then get your imagination to take you to the moment the car dealer hands you the keys to your new car. Think of EXACTLY how it would feel in that moment, how would it smell, how it would sound. Where would you drive to first? A friend’s house to show it off? Why not?

This can be done on Pinterest with a simple search. The idea is to take your mind to the moments that will happen once you have achieved your goals whatever they are. Take your mind there multiple times per day and the fire will continue to burn inside as long as you need it.

I loved your article. Very well written and articulated. I would love to read more from you.

Steve Miller