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Equipe Virada Empreendedora GGJ Manaus 2018. A partir da esquerda: Cilene Gomes Sales e Fabíola Almeida, Guilherme Souza da Silva e Rosilane da Silva Carvalho


Global Goals Jam Manaus 2018 | Project Virada Empreendedora

This articles aims to present the steps taken by the group from the moment they meet each other, by willing to develop a solution to a common challenge: how might we create income alternatives for communities in situation of high social vulnerability? They highlight a few other challenges along their journey, especially when it comes to face something new, something different, something they are not used to. All this, also having to engage and work with people they haven’t met before. Through GGJ Manaus, they realize the importance of teamwork and, for this to happen, it is extremely important to have collaboration and contribution. To build on top of each other’s ideas, allowing everyone to express their point of view. For them, both the tools and mentoring assistance were crucial for reaching their goal. However, the field research was also a key factor, so they were able to identify the causes that lead people to live in such vulnerability. They also stressed that this phase helped them to understand how important is to listen to people, and to get to know their feelings and needs, and that their own opinion, could not be the same as the ones living that reality. They have come across people working just to survive, or even worst, people without any activity. Or even small business that were about to close. The ideation and prototyping phases helped them to identify common ideas, all leading to some key actions in order to find a solution for their challenge. It was important to provide knowledge and training to people, but also to encourage them to endeavor, seeking for a more autonomous economic life. Their goal was to provide opportunities for these people, so they could be protagonists of their own stories. The project consisted on creating open-free spaces within specific regions in the city that are more likely to have this background reality. …

Rosi Carvalho

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