Originally posted on my website — because I’m lazy.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Before I begin, let me tell you I did not plan any of this craziness. It was a combination of impulse and paranoia. It was similar to the time I gave up smoking but without the physical shakes and teeth grinding. A few weeks into this experiment and I’m happy to report that all my teeth are still intact.

Do we really need another social media / minimalist philosophy? Probably not, but this is a weblog post anyway.

You could probably avoid the Internet back in 2001, but even back then…

Nice to meet you 2017! Glad to see that you’ve made it here safely. I’m trying to be more honest and open so let me tell you about a few things that I wanted to put on the burner this year and why.

Also just a note, I’ve left off the ‘how’ part of this post because, well I’m a bit more embarrassed of that. :) Mostly because the Internet will see that I’m severly dehydrated (i.e. Drink a minimum of 2L of water a day) or vain (i.e. Weigh myself everyday and use the Garmin app to track it)…

ritchie macapinlac

Father, Husband, Filipino, Triathlete wannabe, Techie, Coder, and Manager

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