Open Letter to My Fellow Whiteys:
The Angriest Angel

I didn’t do any of that horrible stuff that your say white people did. In fact, I have never met a single white person who participated in any of those activities. Working hard labor my whole life, I certainly haven’t “let black folks do all the heavy lifting while we sit in the cool comfort and sip iced tea.” I have earned everything I have accomplished. and owned fairly and while treating others justly.

The problem I have with this letter is that the writer assumes white supremacy as a fact and takes the old colonial view of “white man’s burdon” to find a solution to the racial tension in the US. The author further doubts the agency and intellectual ability people of color posses. His argument that minorities absolutely need to eat the solution to their problems out of the hands of white people is disgusting.

I have no white guilt. I am proud of my culture. I love getting to know the culture of others. We can fix these problems by recognizing merit and the character of people, not focusing on the color of their skin like the author proposes. Instead of baiting hatred, Danny, can’t we all just get along?

I can.

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