We are happy to present you the project RAISON — a unique platform for operations with investments and personal finance, using algorithms of artificial intelligence.

The platform allows you to store fiat and crypto-currency assets in one place, to invest in products associated with blockchain technology, to analyze your own financial state, and also has an application for everyday life, which enables, for instance, paying for purchases with virtual cards via Apple Pay and splitting bills for dinner.

We integrate the entire financial world of the client into one application!

The RAISON project is designed to perform the following tasks:

1) To be smarter — super-intelligence:

Artificial intelligence allows creating heterogeneous investment portfolios and giving recommendations analyzing technical indicators, fundamental indicators and macroeconomic statistics.

2) To be faster than others — ultra-speed:

An integrated approach for operating with investments includes both crypto-currencies and classical financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, ETFs, structural notes on one platform.

3) To be safe — super-protection:

The presence of a license provides security confidence of clients’ assets.

4) To know more — super-knowledge:

RAISON can analyze client’s financial flows, integrate all bank accounts on one platform and make recommendations for optimizing their expenses.

5) Being in a trend is an ultra-modernity:

All financial products are combined in one simple and convenient application. The application is high-tech, but simple for the user — it lives, develops and learns, using large data about the characteristics of users. Our application is personal artificial intelligence which supports your investments and manages your personal finances.

Our goal is to simplify a person’s life when working with crypto-currencies and classical investment products, to raise the clients’ standard of living through effective work with finances.

The platform consists of five levels, each of which assumes its own functionality both for the phiatic and the blockchain economy:


Block for Blockchain is a platform for placing funds that invests in all areas related to blockchain technology. On this platform, we will collect reliable funds, which are distinguished by their safety and high profitability. Many blockchain projects all over the world assume the original creation of the pyramid. On the contrary, we want to give our clients the opportunity to make money on technology and at the same time to protect their assets.

In this block, we also envisaged the creation of an infrastructure for managers of crypto-currencies (Buy-and-hold portfolios, arbitration strategies, participation in ICO) that will be able to prove our professionalism through our service with a monthly independent evaluation of assets and to receive additional investments with stable results.

Managers who are ready to discover the specifics of their strategy and to give the opportunity to earn together with them for a reward will have an opportunity to work through the following investment account.

A block for fiat money is necessary for preparing an investment portfolio. You can also earn on the shares of companies involved in the creation of equipment/technologies for the ecosystem of the blockchain.

In addition, our team is developing the direction of the withdrawal to the retail market of such professional products as structural notes and bonds. These products, for the most part, are quoted from $ 100,000 (eurobonds), and even from $ 300,000 (structured notes). High cost does not allow ordinary customers to earn them several times more than offering bank deposits — and that is the fact we are going to fix.

Another direction of the investment block is P2P loans, which replace deposits and give an opportunity to earn stable interest based on the counterparty’s risk profile.


The Advisory block primarily helps you to assess the overall financial status of the client and to assign the appropriate rating to it. This is due to the introduction of the PSD2 protocol in Europe, which makes possible data parsing to third-party financial institutions. In addition, RAISON entered into a strategic partnership agreement with ZenMoney, which operates with unique technologies for unloading financial information from external financial institutions and successfully develops its project in Russia (in September 2017 it has more than 18,000 active users).

What does it provide to the end-users?

First, they receive full analytics for all their operations (including cash, which they can enter manually) in a single application.

Secondly, analyzing the entire amount of data, RAISON offers the client to improve their financial condition:

1. To transfer the low-yield deposit to the bonded ETF;

2. To refinance a mortgage loan into a partner bank;

3. To get a credit card on better terms;

4. To reduce the cost of the restaurant (with a percentage excess of income) and to order food at home with a discount partner.

5. Due to the significant transportation costs, the options for the rental of property will be closer to work.

● Advisory for crypto-currencies. Recommendations on the formation of the crypto-currency portfolio will be updated once a day on the basis of technical indicator. Depending on the risk profile of the client, he will receive a combination of classical instruments (equity, ETF) with crypto-currency, or the ability for the direct purchase of a diversified fund of crypto-currency with a partial investment in the target fund of mining.

● Our team will analyze ICO and collect analytics on the most popular projects on a daily basis.


● On a single platform, the client will be able to store both blockchain assets and fiat funds on a multi-currency account.


Integration with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other systems is the paramount task of RAISON!

● Blockchain. For a crypto-community that does not store assets in fiat, we offer the option to tie the card to any crypto-currency as the main account currency.

● For users of fiat money, the platform provides a full range of services, including SEPA payments, bank wire transfers, and card-to-card payments.


On our platform you can be calm for the safety of your assets, while we help to save your time:

● For compliance, you do not have to go to the office — remote onboarding allows you to take a client in six minutes and assign him an IBAN.

● For investment in the mining fund, you do not need to change the crypto-currency, you can pay for the shares of the fund with bitlock.

● To pay for a purchase in a store, you may not receive a physical card — connect Apple Pay to a virtual one and use it without undue delay.

● To get money from a colleague for coffee, it’s enough just to find an account and to send him a notice.

We will simplify the life of the clients and extend their freedom of action!