Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Apple’s AirPods
Chris Messina

I simply can not stand the apple approach. Form over function.

To be fair, they have done great things and have put pressure on other companies. Retina display, tablets, iPod. But this, this does not deserve such adoration.

No one is even speaking about audio quality. If Bluetooth is capable of delivering superior quality to wired please share. All I have heard is that it’s compressed and inferior to wired. But, reading this, this is not about function but about how cool they look. (But I think they look just as douchbaggy as the ones mentioned in the article).

Are people wearing these yet? I see these long dangling things coming out of your ears and all I think of is how many things these will potentially get hooked on. But unlike a wired “earbud” that will stay attached to the phone, these can potentially go flying off into oblivion.

Do these adequately fit everyone? You make it sound like these are the future and everyone who wants to be cool should be wearing these. But forget those that can’t wear em. If your ear is too large or too small. You will not be part of the cool club.

Wax build up. Have you worn this type of earphone for extended periods of time. If this is fashion and intended to be used daily, all day then anatomy should be considered. I stopped wearing earbuds a few years ago because of “problems”.

But the above are all avoidable. (Except looking like a douchebag). :-) Don’t wear them for long periods of time, adjust your activities to avoid getting these ripped out of your head. Deal with the potentially inferior quality of sound. (Most people probably won’t notice anyway).

No I see these as a way to simply get more money. Is apple going to allow other companies to connect to the phone? Will the new phone only connect to these things? I bet yes because that’s how they roll. A 3.5 mm jack is open. Anybody can make a device for it. But Bluetooth relies on software and that can be controlled. That is the real push. More control.

Thanks for reading this if you made it this far. If I am wrong on parts of my assessment, corrections are welcome.

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