HP is the second largest company in the computer world, it just behind only IBM. HP deals in the technical products related to the computer area that includes hardware that is related to Supercomputers, software, networking products, printers, scanners and also provides services related to support and maintenance services.


In the year 1998 HP reaped 84 percent of its form its computer sector and the remaining income come from its medical electronic products and service, electronic components and the chemical analysis services. In March 1999 the company announces that they will totally invest their money on Computer Operations. Then they started to invest the money of Printers, computer related products and that will also help the company to grow itself on a large scale.

In this Article, we will discuss with the users about The Hp printers and its types. Hp is the most popular brand in computer services. Its printers are also best in the home and office usage so that mostly the person buys the Hp printers. But sometimes there is a problem occurred while using the Hp printers. They stopped working due to some reasons now we are going to discuss what are the factors that cause a problem in the Hp printers. These are some reasons:-

HP Printer Driver Update:-


This is one of the reasons for the HP printer is not working. A user should check the drivers update time to time so that if any new update occurs then the user can update it and can use it because the hp printer works only on new updates, old drivers do not let the printers to work.

HP Printer Display Status:-

Another reason for the Hp printer is not working is that sometimes there is an ink or toner problem. This cause does not allow the user to print in the proper manner. Because the shortage of links does not make a print in good quality.

HP Printer Paper jams:-

Paper jam word itself explain the reason for not working of a Hp printer. It means that there is paper got stuck in the machine and not working properly and that makes trouble for the users.

A Computer Connected to Your Network:-

Make sure that your computer is connected with your HP printer and it checks it well when you using the printer because it makes trouble in the printer if you are using it and your printer is not connected. If the computer is not connected then there will be no power supply that will not pass through the computer.

Changed on your computer recently:-

A user should check that what they have made changed few-time ago because the changes made in the computer also makes trouble for the users because of some virus that can make trouble in the computer and that cause hp printer not working in a proper manner.

Wired Connections B/W HP Printer & Devices:-

Wired connections this is the main cause of the not printing because if there are not proper connections of wire that makes trouble for the users, Sometimes there is cut on the wire that does not allow the user to successfully run the Printer.

Wireless Connections B/W HP Printer & Devices:-

There is also an issue that occurred in the wireless connection that is due to the low rating of wireless connection not proper connection or the device is far from the router so that it can provide the proper wireless connection.

HP Printer Ghosting Error:-

Ghosting refers to the unwanted image results form the printing system itself due to the chemical and mechanical problems. There are three types of ghosting these are:- Starvation, blanket, and plate. These also make an error in the process of printing.

We have read about what are the causes of the Hp printer is not working. Now we will read about the solutions regarding it these are:-

HP Printer Driver Update:-

The first thing that a user should keep in mind that he should update the driver and make sure that these are up to date and after doing so the printer will work in a proper manner.

HP-Printer Message Code Status:-

Keep your printer status updated check time to time that if there is ink or toner problem in the printer. Make sure that the printer ink is full and it will not cause any problem in that so we have to keep update our printer status, You should be Make sure that your HP printer has sufficient paper in the paper tray. If it is satisfied that then also check that none of it is stuck or jammed in the paper tray. After that check that is your ink or toner is empty then check the ink levels or toner levels of your printer,

Computer Connections:-

Make sure that your computer is connected with the printer in a proper manner and its software and it is getting proper supply and it is not getting the power then it will cause a problem. So that sure that a user has a good connection of the computer.

HP Printer Paper Jams Fulfilment:-

You should make sure that there will be the fulfillment of paper

In the printer and there are no jams. So that, Keep checking all the times that there is no problem that occurred of paper jams and keeps checking the machine and so that there will be no problem will of paper jams.

HP Printer Wired and wireless connections:-

Make sure that there should be proper wire connections with the good quality cable and in a proper manner. And we have to keep an updated wireless router and keep in the range of the printer.


As we have discussed the HP printer is not working we get to know what are the causes of it and we got a deep study on it and finally, we got the remedies of all the causes in it.