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As a couples therapist, I’ve spent 25 years helping people strengthen and improve their relationships. Here are the seven of the most important takeaways:

1. Name your emotions instead of acting them out.

This is perhaps the #1 shift that I try to help people with. Say “I’m frustrated,” instead of “You never ______!” Say “I’m hurt,” instead of…

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Strategies for Minimzing Judgement

Judgements and struggles over who’s right are destructive in relationships (see Right and Wrong, Tale of Two Stories). In essence, what Marshall Rosenberg of Nonviolent Communication calls “moralizing judgements” are thoughts or statements that imply another person’s wrongness, badness, or inferiority. …

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In a response to my Letter and Envelope story, Master Yoda raised a variation of this question, positing that we should treat our partners as equals rather than as children or property. (Seems reasonable?) John Gottman, the renowned relationship researcher, makes the houseguest comparison. He points out that we would…

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