have a bad day

because I have failed you

It has become very obligatory and complimentary to wish someone the best, have a good day, and etc in human culture. But let’s be honest, life is really just a boring grind of struggling through problems. Everything could always be better and most often than not, we’re just not free and happy as we’d like to be. We’re bored out of our minds because we obligate ourselves to just get comfortable, “normal” and “realistic”. For the most of us, we’re no longer intensely entranced in our professions and even if we are, you’ll always find and create ways in which life is unsatisfactory. This keeps us thriving and moving depending if you don’t fall into a pit of depression.

“Have a good day!” the stranger says.

“Aha, you too!” is my response.

Proceeds on with my day.

Unconsciously Reflects…

Unconsciously says: walp, this day wasn’t good… more or less just typical and average…. I have failed you random guy at the store… forgive me.

Proceeds to dream of how everything could be better.

Rather than wishing someone a good day, which is always customary, I think we should always be wishing someone a bad day so instead of thinking “ugh, when will this day/life just get better?” and looking forward to a “good day”, we’d be thinking “bad day huh? Eh, I suppose it could be worse. Still have food, entertainment, and loved ones to look forward to.”

The saying itself “good day”, notice the “day”. A span of 24 hours only? Wish me a good life please! Perhaps that’s too corny and cheesy… The goodness is only going to last 24 HOURS? BUT I STILL HAVE 438000(this is assuming that we’re all 20, this is equivalent to 50 years, this assumes we die at 80 years of age) HOURS LEFT ON EARTH. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!! Have a “bad day” in which it will only span 24 hours, reminds me that it’s just periodical phase perhaps and that it’s one of many.

So in conclusion, HAVE A BAD DAY! Have the worst day of your life! Or I guess you could say “have a “good” or “bad” day in which are dependent of your constructed definitions of what good & bad are” if you wanna get really nerdy about it.