I hate to-do lists /etc

but you should do them

Goal setting, planning, to do lists, all that stuff, not a fan of it, but after using habitica for a month it’s been helping me keep accountable! I’m a sore loser, I hate losing in pretty much everything when it comes to games. Having my virtual character lose HP urks me. Seeing my character level up feels good. These days I’m pretty lazy to check in on habitica but I manage to do it at the last minute. I tell myself I don’t really need it but checking off tasks that I’ve done… feels good.

Despite hating doing these, there are a lot of reasons as to why you should.
1. It keeps you accountable for your actions.
2. Helps define what you need to do
3. No need to waste brain power to draw up what’s needed to do.
4. Dopamine response when checking off tasks helps form a habit loop
5. Streaks streaks streaks, being on one only makes you want to keep it up.

If you don’t define what a successful day looks like, it’s going to be up to you to decide… and for me the chances that I’ll “take it easy” is pretty high.

In the book “The Will Power Instinct”, the main point from I interpreted was:

Assume you will fail, assume your lazy self will take over at anytime and plan ahead to counter attack that. Sure you can rush in and brute for commit yourself but laziness is sneaky, it’s a shape shifting rationalization.

This is a sort of very “dudee, that’s so obvious” videos, and I get that quite a lot but I found this motivating!