Add an Apple Pay Button to your Medium Post

Ryan Soury
Sep 21, 2017 · 3 min read

Ever wondered how your readers can purchase your physical book, merchandise and other cool stock through Medium?

Apple Pay can now be used with Medium to do just that and its extremely easy.

See for yourself:

If you’re wondering why there is an SMS option, or that it says you will be redirected… it is because Apple Pay only works on Mobile Safari, however, Buyte’s Apple Pay attempts to rectify the shortcomings and drawbacks of the traditional Apple Pay button. You can read more on it here. Nonetheless, this payment button aims to allow your readers to support you and purchase your goods in a few taps.

So here are some instructions for you to get your own Apple Pay button.

Create a Stripe Account
Skip this step if you already have a Stripe account.
Stripe is a service that lets you process credit card payments, provides an amazing dashboard for you to observe incoming payments, and currently serves as the foundation for the Mobile Payments service provider, Buyte.

Connect with Buyte
Pop over to Buyte at and connect your Stripe Account. After receiving an email with your Buyte keys, you can now use Apple Pay anywhere, for any browser and any device, but we want to use it on Medium.

Create your embed link
The link should look similar to the following:

Looks confusing right?

Once you break it apart, its simplicity begins to show.
public-key=< Your public key > &
country=< Two letter country code > &
currency=< Three letter currency code > &
total-text=< Main payment text > &
total-amount=< Payment amount to two decimal places > &
shipping-method-1=< Shipping name >, < Shipping amount >, < Shipping description > &
shipping-method-2=< Shipping name >, < Shipping amount >, < Shipping description > &

The Public Key will be provided by Buyte in a welcome email once you have connected your Stripe Account.
More information on the Country code can be found here.
More information on the Currency code can be found here.
Total Text refers to the text that will be displayed along with the total amount. It will be prefixed by default by the word “Pay” as seen in the example Apple Pay payment sheet below.
Total Amount is the total payment amount that you intend to receive from your reader.
Shipping Methods are built in three comma separated components. The name, the amount and the description. These methods are selected by the end user to determine how the product will be shipped to them.
Require Shipping is important as it ensures the user provides their contact details and shipping address.

Once you’ve constructed your link, remove all breaks so that the url sits on one line. If you have spaces in your Total Text or Shipping Methods replace each space with “%20” to make it url friendly, or run these fields through this tool:

If this looks like too much work… you can alternatively email with the necessary information you want on your Apple Pay payment sheet along with your public key, and Buyte will provide you with the appropriate embed link.

If you support this, show some love and provide your applause. If you would like a Apple Pay Embed Button builder web page developed sooner, visit Buyte and share your thoughts.

If you recall this article mentioning Apple Pay for Donations and would like to utilise Apple Pay on Medium for Donations, please contact

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