First Attempt At Building Lead and Sales Pipelines Using Pipedrive

I decided to try and use Pipedrive to manage my sales process for my consulting gigs. I’ve never setup a formal process and this is my attemp at doing so. The following should be noted:

  • This is the first time I’m building an offical lead and sales pipeline process for myself.
  • This is the first time I’ve setup a CRM.
  • This is the first time using Pipedrive.
  • This is for selling software development services.
  • I am not a marketing or sales person. I’m an engineer.
  • Depending on how the Deal Rotting feature works I may have those numbers to low.
  • I’m sure that people that do this for a living will be able to tell me where it can be improved.

I’m sure I have a lot to learn but it feels good to get something in place. Feel free to comment with suggestions on how to make it better.

I decided to split my pipeline in two, one to develop leads, one to develop qualified Opportunities. A lead that is closed in the Lead Pipeline is moved to the Sales Pipeline as an Opportunity.

Lead Pipeline:

My Lead Pipeline

Lead In

Anyone I know or hear about that might need the services we provide. For now that comes from my rolodex later it might be from forms and other content marketing and lead generation solutions.

Contact Made

After I try and make contact (email / phone / other) it’s moved here until I get a response or close because I can’t get a hold of them.

Check Back

It can get here in two ways:

  • After getting a response if they’d like to hear more but not right now I schedule a time to check back. It remains here till that time.
  • After having a conversation and they don’t have any needs currently but they’d like me to check back again. It remains here till that time.

Scheduled Conversation

Waiting for a scheduled meeting to discuss possible opportunity. Remains here until an opportunity is identified or it’s clear there’s no opportunity to be had.

Sales Pipeline:

Once an Opportunity is defined either directly or through the Lead Pipeline it goes into the Sales Pipeline.

Opportunity In

In order to be placed here the following must be identifiable:

  1. High Level Scope — What needs to be done or built?
  2. What’s The Expected Timeline — Are there hard or soft deadlines?
  3. What’s The Expected Budget — Is there a budget if yes what is it?

It’s best to have all three but you have to have at item 1 and at least one of the items 2 or 3. For it to be considered an Opportunity.

Champion Aligned

To move to this stage, whoever is our Champion for this Oppertunity, we will have worked with them to round out and hone in on items 1, 2, and 3 and ensure that the type of contract (straight hourly, estimated hourly, or fix price) is clear. Ensure expectations are aligned in terms of how and what needs to be delivered is defined.

Support Material Provided

Make any materials (documents, references, example work product, draft proposal, etc.) is provided for aligning any remaining stakeholders.

Stakeholders Aligned

Proposal and other materials have been reviewed adjustments are being made budgets are being identified and final changes to the proposal are being negotiated. Verbal agreement.

Contract Provided

Contract has been provided and final adjustments are being made for signatures.

Wish me luck, we’ll see how it works.