This was a good article, and for a “non farmer” a good job.
Jim Noord

All of these points are false, fallacious, or misleading.

> HOWEVER, Did you know that any plants your crops pollinated BELONG to the seed company?

Myth #2:

> They also permanently alter any heirloom plants they pollinate ending the natural genetic line.

Which is true regardless of what variety you grow, GMO or otherwise. The one exception would be if you happened to be growing the same variety as your neighbor.

> Another question, as the corn contains pesticides (to kill pests) how does it distinguish between a bug and a person?

The vastly different biology. In the case of Bt (which is also an organic pesticide), it’s the fact that the cells in our digestive tracts don’t contain the proteins that the toxin binds to.

> The seed company was probably giddy with your request to plant GMO in town. Backyard farming could become a real threat to factory farmed Franken food.

And yet his experience clearly demonstrates the opposite. He had to spend $90 on seeds because they aren’t at all marketed towards home gardens.

> Keep in mind Europe (the people behind the middle ages and WW 1 and 2) are scared of this stuff.

I have no idea what point you’re making here.

> Also Hybridization crops by natural selection is very very different from GMO.

That isn’t a thing. Hybridized crops are created artificially. No crop, even heirlooms, is a result of natural selection.