Success Journal #2

So, it’s day two of my success journal. It’s been a few days after my last post. Had quiet a downer and needed to get rest.

Now I seem to be completely back on track.

Today I spent the whole day on working out my company presentation. Feeling very good having the things sorted out.

Writing that presentation throughout the past week got me through a complete new process of rethinking my concept. Hence my partnership broke apart one Month ago I decided to focus on what I can do best and monetise my network.

Funnily enough since I made this decision, new clients got brought to me and I gained new momentum.

My greatest recent discovery

was breaking tasks into incremental steps and then committing to them. I’m happy my Coach taught me also to focus on one thing a day which works just fine!

So finally I am at 95% of my presentation. Though, the book I am writing is in queue right now, but I planned the whole Thursday for it.

I must say, at times when I felt it’s going downhill, I could not do much, but I did not stop completely and I’m happy I have built momentum that I learned to gain in the past 8 months.

So I’ve finally made it on patron (was 1 a month on my to do list)
Last Friday was such downer day. Still, I spend half the day completing my Patreon profile, where I will be publishing motivational videos and quotes.

I’d be happy about a pledge in case you like my content (click on the image):

Here’s the direct Link:


Self discipline is such a cold hard b**ch. I need to force myself every day to challenge my comfort zone. But it’s getting easier with every day I practice to train my Brain to obey and help me instead of corrupting me.

The 5 Second rule from Mel Robbins helps me at amazing levels. You guys should read it!

Funnily enough, I had so many excuses not writing this journal. Now I am sitting here after I have finished working on my presentation and spend as little as 25 minutes for this article.

Life is easy, make work fun and you will have no issues with it.