Success Journal #3

I have almost completely lost my feeling for time, since I live a self-determined life and do what I love. Well, precisely said it became more or less meaningless​. The only thing that keeps me in time are my schedules .

Though, I have been doing my own thing for almost a year now and I does not matter anymore, at what day or what time I work. I can choose when to work and how much I want to work. Needless to say that I need to push myself to work as never before.

It was a (very) long road to train myself to become my own ass kicking boss. I have to mention though, as I my work fulfills me with passion and satisfies me, this is something that became very easy.

Since I can do what and when ever I want, that urgent craving for weekends, to finally relax and get some rest is completely gone.

I am doing what I love and I can have a free day, whenever I like to take off. This feeling is absolutely amazing and it is something that I would not want to trade anymore for a life as an employee​. Not even if I earn less, what right now is the case.

Ok, it’s easter time, for most people in Germany 4 days of complete relaxation and doing nothing.

Well, for most people, but not for me. Earlier that day I met with the people of my Mastermind group that I put together.

The intention, of course, is to build a pushing enviroment for myself and other people to get even further. Build supportive group of like minded appears to be the most vital component to reach even higher levels of success.

After 12 months of constant work I’m gaining a lot of traction I’m my networking activity as well. As it’s expanding rapidly, I am considering more and more successful people popping up on my screen.

Right now I am sitting here in the apartment of a very gentle old lady, that was born in 1933. I was hired to take care of here for a couple of hours.

I feel blessed all the way, how easy my life became, being in the flow and how money flows to me, almost effortless.

It’s not much in case you wonder. Right now it’s enough to get further and it’s easy. Please don’t get me wrong, of course I am constantly working on it, to keep the money flow alive.

I am working to optimise and expand my “money pipelines” preparing to open the flood gates.

Just that you heard me saying that it’s hard work, in case you thought that you can lay back and wait for it to happen.

Financial success, requires constant work, dedication and persistence. Getting further ahead, step by step, day by day. Doing at least one thing a day to get further.

Back to this lady I am taking care of:
She has amazing stories to tell. It reminds me of how lucky I am to have the chance to access real knowledge and experience for older people.

Simply mind blowing what stories these people can come up with.

These stories already amazed me in my time being a teenager and I was unable to spend time with people in my age.

They simply don’t have have many valuable lessons to teach. So I looked for people above 30 years and learned from them.

Right now she’s sleeping, what allows me to write this quick article via my mobile phone. Again, I feel utterly blessed. I am getting paid to watch out for someone and am able to continue my writings.

Also, I find it utterly stunning, how easy it became to write an article, having the these fancy APPs available on my smartphone.

Quick summary and latest realisations

I’m the past days I have not written one single word on my book. Though, I have finished my new company presentation.

It’s been 10 days that I’ve been working on it. Before that I wrote on my book for almost two weeks in a row.

Over the course of these (almost) 4 weeks I realized the importance of supportive habits. Such as making sport every single morning.

At least almost every morning… :-) Writing in my diary every day. Meditating and pushing myself to get out of the comfort zone.

This allowed me to stay in the flow and keep going to sustain the traction.

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