Success journey #1

Right now I am sitting at one of the most important places to be in Berlin, at Soho House Mitte. Well, literally AT the Soho house. Inside the exclusive Lounge at the roof top.

The continuous self-determination and optimisation, of wanting to reach higher standards is starting to pay off. Knowing that this, where I am right now, is not the tip of the mountain. Guess there will probably will be none.

Though, here I am sitting with my Notebook and writing my first book. I am excited as one can possibly be!! At the rooftop, with access to a closed group of decision makers and influential people.

I’m surrounded by a very interesting energy and to be honest, I’m having mixed feelings. Some people here make money with, fairly said, very unethical methods.

But who am I to judge them, if the system we actually live in provides the perfect breeding ground for such behavior?

These people seem to be just like normal people living a higher standard, What I aim for as well. Though, my intentions are clear. I will be setting sails to change something in this society, take this potential and do something good with it.

Looking back at the changes that I went through in the past 10 years, where the complete journey got initiated by a feeling, I am proud of myself. Yes, I just said I am proud of myself.

Of course, there are things I regret, things I wish I could have done differently and situations where I would have had a better standing to give back what has been given to me.

I lost many people on my way, but the lessons are priceless. Sometimes I feel very lonely with the way I look at the world, with my understanding of psychology and how people are being manipulated day in day out.

In spite of all this, I decide to accept my destiny, I will continue my way. Hopefully without much collateral damage…

I am getting near where I want to be, I am already in the zone and the financial success is knocking on the door.

I wish I would have started earlier with my journey and with this diary.

Well, it’s the way it is. No room for regrets, I needed the time to become who I am today. From here on I will continue.