He woke up to the sound of his alarm .. he let out a meek “I’m awake”. “Good morning sir, do you want me to pull up the latest headlines?” his home automation system prompted with a warm but monotonous voice. He pulled off his sheets and walked into his washroom and looked at the mirror. “No, Do I have any messages?”. He parted his lips and the sensors at the edge of the mirror detected the change and the brush head extended out from the wall nearby.

You do not have any new messages”. The motor on the brush head started spinning, he was a fool to expect any. He pushed away the automated brush and spat out the remaining paste. Rested both his hands on the basin as his legs couldn’t hold his weight anymore. “Compose a new message” he spoke out gathering some strength. “Please dictate your message”, the insensitivity in the automated voice hurt him.

He realized he needed something in his belly if he were to go through with this. “Oh my sweet darling…. …” he switched on his food printer and selected an omelette and a toast. “I wish I could undo what I did and said the last twenty four hours” . “I took you for granted, I should not have cheated on you”.“ I wish that we could go back to where we were, that I could take away all the pain I slapped you with”. The omelette was half done.

I loved every moment I had with you and everything I said or did was true”. “I understand your anger, sorrow, sense of betrayal. I beg If I still have a right to do that, I beg for your forgiveness“. “ I am a flawed man, I should not have..” He could not carry on any further, he wanted to cry but there were no more tears left to squeeze out. “ I should not have taken her home” he continued, he knew he had to do this. He wanted to win back the woman he loved and wronged even if there was no prospect. The slice of bread was golden brown and the omelette fluffy, he wished he was perfect like his breakfast. “ I get it if you don’t forgive me, but will you give me another chance, one more shot at showering you my love?”.

He sat at his table and stared at the untouched plate in front of him. “I’m done, delete the message”. “Sir, are you sure you want to delete the draft?” . “Yes ,she deserves better, the least I could do is not disturb her anymore”.

My first attempt at fiction on medium, this was more of an experiment.Feedback will be appreciated.

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