How to Overcome FOMO and Regret
Ravi Raman

great read Ravi Raman.

I think one of the reasons of FOMO and regret is when we start doubting our decision in lieu of what others have achieved and when that happens that is the first sign of instability.

One trick which I have been taught by my mentor is to be an OSTRICH.A ostrich has a very funny habit;whenever its sees its predator,it hides its face in the sand,thinking it is not visible.So at least in its mind it assumes that it is hidden away from view.

In the same way,We can shun away as much as possible from anything and everything which is deviating us from our life decision and questioning it.I know in the modern connected world,it is not easy,but it can be done with a little perseverance.We must remember that we all have only one competitor and that is ME only;I have to better myself today from what I was yesterday. The rest of the world can go to hell !!

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