I’m unsubscribing and it feels so good
Amy Torres

Great write Amy Torres.

I remember a famous Sherlock Holmes quote here “Our brain is like an attic.An efficient workman only keeps those tools and information,which are useful for his trade and helps him to perform his work,while an inefficient workman fills the attic with all junk and tools which he might not be even needing.At the time of doing work,the efficient workman finds his “tools” easily in his orderly attic,whereas the inefficient one struggles to “find” the right tool and thus wastes time.

In this era,we are facing a deluge of information overload.We are bombarded by all kinds of information left,right and center.It is entirely up to us to decide “which information to be stored” and “which to be discarded.”

Efficiency and Productivity can only enhance by organized chaos of information,which is usable,actionable and valuable.

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