You Don’t Need To Be Good At Many Things, You Need To Be Great At One
Louis Chew

Great write Louis Chew .

However things are rapidly changing and we live in a constantly disruptive world.

In such a world ,being great in one talent might not be a great idea as there is a risk of getting obsoleute.

So I think we should have more of a “expert-generalist” mindset towards learning and development.Such a mindset helps us to be an expert in multiple unrelated topics and the biggest advantage that we get here is that we are able to “think out of context” applications.For example a person who is both an expert in Physics and Biology can think of applications which combine both the skills and thus be ahead in the innovation game.

Perhaps the biggest example of “expert-generalist” mindset is Elon Musk.He is an expert in completely unrelated fields of space travel,software,solar power and transportation.This diverse set of expert skills put him in an unique positions to create innovations across skills.

So we are in an age where we need to be GREAT in multiple skills to be the best.

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