What Makes a Good Story: The Revelation
Mateja Klaric

Great write Mateja Klaric.

My take is that a good story should be READABLE.Let me explain-

A story or any writing as a matter of fact,is the “soul” food for the writer.The writer dumps his innermost thoughts on to a piece of paper ,which is comfort food for our soul.

Now for this comfort food to be FIT for public consumption,it should be READABLE.The reader should be able to relate and consume the food which you have trying to feed him or her and feel happy about it.If the reader is unable to relate to himself in any way ,then the “soul food” is not of any use,except personal ranting.

So in a nutshell,carry the reader along in your journey,stir emotions and finally “force” the reader to relate your story to a “piece of his life” and Bingo !!,you a truly great writer!!

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