The One Thing to Do to Create Positive Change in Your Life
Michał Stawicki

Great write Michał Stawicki.

Gratitude is a very important virtue which every human being should possess. Unfortunately, in today’s rate-race world, many a time, we “forget” to express our gratitude to people who had helped us, achieve our goals. We all want to do it, but somehow knowingly or unknowingly, it “slips” away from our minds.

One interesting thing that reminds us again and again of “Gratitude” is when we are in “Stress” or Stressful situations.

Stress reminds you to express gratitude again and again. It highlights to you, in glowing colors, all those people, who had helped you win your battle in their own small way. It can be the “canteen” boy, who brought you “hot food”, when you were slogging late nights in the office. It can also be the “office” boy who kept on cleaning your desk, when you were busy planning your strategies. It can also be your “wife” who calls you, at 2.00 AM at night to ensure if you have “eaten” dinner.

Stress gives you another opportunity, to thank each one of these people again and again, for the significant part, they played in your success.
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