5 Things Stopping you from Achieving your Goals
Niki Hennessy

Great write Niki Hennessy.

My opinion is that new year resolutions are a big waste of time.We just create those resolutions to make yourselves “feel good” while entering into the new year.Once we enter in the new year,the resolutions are dumped in the dust bin.

Instead of these long range new year resolutions,we should more focus on creating small daily goals for ourselves.Let us we start the day with 3 small goals which need to be achieved by end of the day.As the day ends,even if we are able to complete 2 out of 3 small goals,we feel more satisfied and complete.This adds value to the day just gone.

So we have 365 days,just imagine how many goals we can achieve in this manner.

Food for thought ??

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