You Are So Much More Than You Think You Can Ever Be
Tim Denning

Great write Tim Denning.

I always feel that,we do not realize our full potential for the simple reason that “we do not want to go outside our comfort zone”.We start putting a “limit” to our potential and even start convincing ourselves that this is the best we can do.One more reason can be the “Fear of ridicule”.What will people say if I fail ? How will I again rise back from Failure and so on.

The most dangerous thing about a comfort zone is the state of inertia that settles in our lives. We become “satisfied” and “happy” with our lives and settle down into a mundane routine motion, which gives us seemingly more time to concentrate on our personal lives. We soon become so entrenched by its solace that, we turn a blind eye to every development that is happening around us.

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