Why We’re Removing Visitors

Oh come on people. Everyone knows why you removed visitors — you felt you might get more paid subscriptions that way. Every dating site in existence shows visitors, including your parent, match.com. Obviously, if you felt visitors was negative, you’d have removed it from match, too. But you don’t dare, of course, because you know the result will be lost customers. You weren’t getting enough paid members because, frankly, the upgrade wasn’t worth what you were asking. So you thought you’d force the issue. Can’t you at least show your customers a modicum of respect and be honest? Why all the games with “beta tests” and similar hogwash? You’re just trying to get more money. And let’s not forget, for those who didn’t want to use visitors before, they could simply turn them off. How callous you are, how greedy you are, how condescending you are, how disgusting you are.

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