Large Scale Peptide Synthesis: A Valuable Tool for the Chemical Industry

Research and development are key to any innovation in an existing or a new product. And for these to work there has to be constant experimentation to derive the desired results. In the chemical industry, use of peptides is a common phenomenon. Large scale peptide synthesis is usually done to meet the demands of large scale experimentation for use in biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, biotechnology and molecular medicine.

What are peptides — in chemical terms?
Biologically occurring portions of short or long-chain amino acids are called peptides. The shortest-chain peptides are dipeptides and a polypeptide is a long, continuous, and unbranched peptide chain.

Uses of peptides
Formulation studies and custom developments are the two very common uses of peptides. Furthermore, structure function analysis is a valuable investigative arm for biomedical laboratories and GMP peptide is the right tool to perform such analysis. Besides, peptide manufacturing companies are also justified in producing peptides in larger amounts as these contribute towards the study of protein-protein interfaces, the study of receptor agonist and antagonists and for the development of binding assays which is paramount to the medical industry for development of newer drugs.

The quality factor
FDA rules and regulations govern the manufacture, distribution and selling of peptides. There are a set of rules that every manufacturer needs to abide by in order to pass on his/her product in the market. The prime factor that constitutes the quality level of a peptide is the maximum length of it after the synthesis. The length here also refers to the time period for which it lasts.

The protein connection
Peptides have found their way in the skin care industry too. Since skin is composed of a protein called Keratin, it responds well to the products containing peptides. The connection between the two is simple. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and peptides are portions of amino acids, thus peptides have an important role to play in the skin care products. Peptides have skin restorative abilities. If the synthesized formulation of peptide is protected from light and air exposure, it can work just fine for a longer period of time and give the manufacturers the desired results.

Due to its large scale use and demands, best peptide suppliers are always on the high-demand list of specifically the pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies and generally the entire chemical industry. A trusted name in the field can supply you with the quality that you’re looking for.

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