What does the future hold for Lewis Hamilton?

After winning his third formula 1 world championship with three races remaining people should start asking: What will Hamilton do next?

We know what will happen in the near future. Next year Hamilton will be fighting for a fourth crown against his teammate Nico Rosberg and ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel, but besides that whether he succeeds or not, Is it time for Hamilton to do something else or should he stick to Formula 1?

As many people know Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsports and by far the most influential and followed open wheel race series on earth. However, it has become sometimes a boring and predictable spectacle where for the most part of each race only three or four cars have a shot for the win.

Lewis has also made clear that most of his formula 1 dreams are now behind his nightstand. He has accomplished everything he had ever dreamt (equalizing Ayrton Senna wins and world championships) and has the opportunity to do even more. However, formula 1 is entering into a dark era where only manufacture backed teams are the ones to succeed, while others do not have the same opportunities and probably will never have.

Also teams are facing an never ending stepped path to succeed or even field a car with costs and debts rising and virtually no possibilities of winning. Sponsors are not coming and drivers are tempted by others series where they can deploy all their qualities in a competitive car.

These reasons are more than enough for many drivers to quit formula 1, even the ones that are at the top of the game. A good example is Juan Pablo Montoya in 2006. Montoya, one of the fastest drivers on the grid, was driving for McLaren the third best team at the time and the second most successful team of all time. Even though JPM could have (and in my humble opinion should have) stayed at the team, the lack of competition and a very lucrative offer from Chip Ganassi to race in Nascar left Formula 1 without one of its brightest stars.

Since there is a precedent: Will Lewis quit formula 1 anytime soon and race somewhere else? The answer is no. However, Will Lewis at the twilight of his carrier race somewhere else? Absolutely yes.

There are three series where he can go and be competitive from day one: NASCAR, IndyCar and Le Mans.

NASCAR is an obvious first choice due to the fact Lewis is a great fan of the US, he likes the culture and since NASCAR is the pinnacle of motorsports in the US it would fit him the most.

IndyCar is another US based open wheel series where ex formula 1 drivers have succeeded after and before their carrers started. One example is Nigel Mansell, 1992 Formula 1 world champion, who in 1993 came to the US and raced there with success. Antoher one is Juan Pablo Montoya one time IndyCar champion and two times Indy500 champion. Lewis with the right equipment should be extremely competitive from the beginning.

Le Mans is another place where he can race and not leave europe. Many drivers are going there and the competitiveness of the series is something Lewis will be attracted to.

With all these possible destinations it is pretty sure that Lewis will have more years of racing and for the fans probably more decades of entertainment and blazing fast overtakes from possible the second best driver the UK has developed.

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